{December 6, 2009}   Failed??????

One of our biggest obligation

teenagers is to finish our

studies. But, our

responsibility doesn’t end in

just waking up early for

school. We have to

remember that we should

always pay tribute to the

sacrifices of our parents by

making them happy through

or achievements in school.

We don’t have to give them

medals and certificates to

make them proud of us. By

simply passing our exams

, presenting report cards

with good grades would

already make them smile and

get more inspired in giving

us what we want.

So, our agenda is to have
good grades in school!!

But, are you having a
difficulty in passing your
exams? Here are some tips
for you. .

1. Study you
r lessons. Now, if you’re not

fond of studying, you can

just simply scan your notes

every time you are free.

Atleast, during surprise

exams you won’t get a score

of zero.

2. Listen to your teachers

during lecture time so that

if you don’t have any time

to scan your notes you can

have something to write on

your paper.

3. Discipline yourself. Always

remember what you have to

do and the reason why you

must do it.

4. Remember that if you

want it you can have it.

{November 21, 2009}   Problem of the day

From Cyril:

Can you help me with my problem?

How will I be able to give my parents a good

impression about me? I am currently a fourth

year high student, an achiever I can their

appreciation, I cant feel that they are proud

of me. .

What will I do?

{November 21, 2009}  

How is my campblog experience so far? What

do you like best? What do you like least?


If they say first love never dies, I say my

first time is always in my mind.”

Qualifying in the campblog 1B raised me up to

the clouds, led me to NAIA, brought me to the

magnificient Pampanga and filled my mind

with unforgetable memories.

For the first time, I rode on an airplane alone.

That made me feel so brave. I reached

Pampanga on my own. Wow!

With all the things that I have experienced, I

couldn’t find any reason for me to say that

there is something in campblog that I like

least.Meeting new friends from deffirent

places is quite fun.Owning a loptop(for ten

days) is so cool.Staying in a sossy Villa is

awesome, isn’t it?

I can never forget my campblog experience. .

{November 21, 2009}   Teenage Hobbies


In this world where technology dominates,

most of the teens plug themselves in online

socializing, playing video games, etc. They

almost forget that there’s a wide world out

there, more interesting and fun. To be able

for teens to be expose to the outside world,

here are some activities that they must try

which would also enhance their talents and


* Reading- they can spend their free times by

reading books. By that, they wouldn’t be bored

anymore at the same they will be learning.

*Photography-this hobby is so interesting for

teens. This would make them explore the

outside world and learn things by their


*Writing- they can write their own stories

which they could share to others. This will

probably enhance their writing skills.

*Making Crafts-teenagers are fond of making

their own version of things that they like

especially when their parents can’t afford to

buy it for them. This hobby is so beneficial to

both parents and teens. This means additional

savings for parents and this enhance teens

creativity and resourcefulness.

A victory in the field of Sports- Lawn tennis

that featured teen achievement. Francis Casey

“Niño” Alcantara received an award as the

first Filipino to win a Grand Slam title with

Chinese-Taipei’s Cheng Peng Hsieh for the

Aussie Open junior boys doubles crown. He’s

from Cagayan de Oro

and just 17-years old.

{November 20, 2009}   Fun for Teens

The great thing about trying new activities for

teenagers is that you don’t have to do these every

week or even every month. Some of these activities

may require a significant amount of your time,

while others may be enjoyed in one afternoon.

  • Church youth groups

If your church hasn’t already organized a church

youth group, you may want to involve a few of your

friends and their parents and create one of your

own. Youth groups can participate in a variety of

activities, like Sunday night bowling, Wednesday

night pizza parties, and Saturday morning

volunteering sessions.

  • Discover your family tree

What do you know about your family’s

background? Why not become the new historian in

your family? Ask older family members for help, or

visit to get started.

  • Game night

Initiate a routine game night with a few of your

friends? Each person can take turns hosting the

group while everyone else is responsible for

bringing the snacks. Have several board games on

hand to play. Choose games that let everyone

participate or if you have a large group, have several

games going on at one time.

  • Volunteer

Volunteer activities can be fun especially with

friends. Gather a group of your friends together and

spend a Saturday cleaning up a neighborhood park,

helping elderly citizens, or reading to younger kids

at a local recreation center.

  • Host a field day

While this is often a popular way to end a school

year, you don’t have to wait for a specific occasion

to spend a day with your friends. Create a list of

games, like sack races, tug-of-war, egg toss, relay

races, and more. Purchase inexpensive prizes at

your local dollar store, or have participants bring

home-baked goods to give away as prizes.

  • Host a karaoke night

If someone in your group has a basement or large

garage, let guests sing their favorite songs. You

could even hold an American Idol competition

among those who participate!


{November 19, 2009}   Teenage Drug Addiction

Common Teen Problems

Drug addiction is the most common and worst

problems of teenagers. It is the major

destructor of their lives. Most of the

detainees of juvenile prison has a rape case,

robbery, homicide, etc. which are causes of

drug addiction.

Smooking and Drinking

The vices of most teenagers. Due to

curiousity and peer group pressures and

influences teenage smoke and dink. Not just a

temporary solution to their problems, they

think smoking and drinking will label them

cool that’s why they do it. Not knowing that

it has a lot of bad effects to their mental and

physical health.

images from google.


Teenagers are prone to drug addiction when

when they are depress and no one’s there for

them. Their young and fragile minds can’t

take the pressure of the world, they feel so

down and the only solution that they would do

is use drugs to escape from their problems.

Not knowing that it’s just a temporary

cure to it. That’s why it is really important

to understand teens and address their needs.

{November 19, 2009}   How do teenagers think?

Teenagers think different. Usually, they

don’t put into action what is in their mind.

They don’t get much action as adults. They

just stay in their room playing video games,

listening to music, leaving their bedrooms

unattended. They focus their attentions on

what they want and what they like. The

reason why they could receive scolds more

often which sometimes make them conclude

that nobody understands them.

Teenagers can also be defined as

self-centered in the sense that they dont

account others feelings. For as what

Sarah-Jayne Blakemore of the University

College London Institute of Cognitive

Neuroscience said, “Thinking strategies

change with age. As you get older you use

more or less the same brain network to

make decisions about your actions as you

did when you were a teenager, but the

crucial difference is that the distribution of

that brain activity shifts from the back of the

brain (when you are a teenager) to the front

(when you are an adult).”

WordPress has a lot of  wonderful features but I got more interested with “post”. Not because it’s the most enjoying part but because this feature seems to be challenging me. I had to focus for me to create a post with good thoughts. Searching facts alone requires patience for you have to filter the ideas before you would use it. Uploading videos and photos  take longer time to be accomplish. On the other hand, it’s incredible in the sense that all the feature are well organized which enable the users to feel convenience in using it.

{November 17, 2009}   Why did I choose this topic?

My topic is about teenagers and I have a hundred and one reason for choosing this. My main objective with my blog is to create an avenue of  expression and appreciation for teenagers because base on my own experiences also being a one of them, most of the time we are being misinterpreted. The title of my blog is TEENAGE JOURNALS which simply means online open diary for teenagers. There, they could express themselves, their feelings, ask for some advises to the other blogger, etc.

By posting achievements of other teenagers, I could make them more inspired for others will be appreciating them by visiting my site. Also, by posting clips that would showcase different attitudes of different teenagers I could provide information to other people that would make them understand why teenagers are like this and that.

That’s my reason of choosing this topic!

Arigato. .

et cetera